Stain Protection

Wine stain on unprotected carpetStain protection is an excellent way to protect your carpet or furnishings in the long term. Whilst regular professional cleaning is important, spillages can occur at any time. The stain protector helps prevent spillages from becoming permanent stains by forming a flexible transparent layer on the fabric or carpet.  Spills on protected carpets will ‘bead’ on the surface allowing the owner sufficient time to clean up without leaving a permanent stain.
The protector doesn’t affect the feel of the carpet or fabric so will be unnoticeable until that spillage occurs!

The carpet shown on the right is not protected, as you can see from the way that the wine has sunk in to the carpet.


Wine on stain protected carpetStain protection also provides further protection by preventing dust and dirt particles from adhering to the fibres of the carpet. This means they can more easily be removed by vacuuming, reducing the amount that reach the base of the pile and so keeping carpet looking cleaner for longer, as well as prolonging its life.

The carpet shown on the right has been stain protected, and you can see that the spilled wine is beading on the protected carpet surface.

Protected carpets have obvious benefits for pet owners too, as they repel liquids.

We also provide stain protector with built in dust mite protection for customers with allergies.

We can incorporate this service into our New Forest carpet cleaning.

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