Carpet Moth Treatment

Carpet moths are small, dark bronze coloured creatures around the size of a small finger nail. They feed on keratin, a substance found in natural fibres such as wool or silk, present in some carpet types. Infestations of carpet moths can occur in carpets and rugs and should be treated quickly to avoid further damage. Carpet moth damageThe common signs of an infestation are holes or threadbare patches where the moths have fed on the fibres and these are most likely to be seen underneath or behind heavy furniture as they prefer darker environments. The larvae, which are white and approximately 1/2 in. long may also be visible, along with the cases the moths shed during their life cycle.

Carpet Moths favour dark areas, with damage often being more evident underneath or behind heavy furniture. Having passed through the lifecycle stages of egg, pupa and larvae and finally reaching adulthood, the fully developed carpet moth rarely flies, but instead runs quite rapidly across floors, tending to avoid direct light.


Carpet MothWe offer a specialised treatment for carpets and rugs infested with carpet moths. This involves a thorough deep clean to remove existing pupae and larvae, followed by treatment with a safe and non-toxic insecticide.

We can incorporate this service into our New Forest carpet cleaning service.

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